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Dana F. Abdulqadir

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Network protection, an essential interest has migrated within this area particularly with the development of hacking, the strategies, as well as the penetration of the most effective blanketed networks. It can be stated that all the methods and protocols applied failed to forestall the intruder’s attacks, consequently many researches grew to favor quantum mechanics over create non-intrusive methods. Many scientists and researchers have introduced other cryptographic subjects in quantum computing which is known as quantum key distribution protocol. In this paper, which is an extension to our preceding work (Mustafa et al., 2019), the simulation of the overall performance of SARG04 protocol had been examined in opposition to the most time-honored attack: Photon-number splitting (PNS) assault in the quantum channel. The data received showed results that obtained high resistance against PNS attack, due to the method that was used in the sifting stage


Attack, Photon-number splitting, Quantum key distribution, Quantum, SARG04

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