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    Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1 (2024)

    Original Articles


    Comparative Study Between Virgin and Agriculture Soil Radon Activity Concentration and Their Radiological Risks
    Hiwa Hamad Azeez Dr., Jahfer Majeed Smail Dr., Hemn Muhammad Salh Dr., Habeeb Hanna Mansour Dr., Saddon Taha Ahmad Prof. Dr., and Hawbash H. Hamadamin Karim Dr.


    Effect of Rainfall Pattern on Sediment Yield and Runoff in Different Textured Soils
    Abdul-rahman Perdawood Haydar, Kamyar Mutalib Mohammed, and Dawod Rasooli Keya


    The Healing Power Of Dietary Supplements To Prevent Long-Term Covid-19; A Prospective Observation Study
    Hadi Mohammad, Tariq Sadeq, Media Ismail, Swar O Ahmed, and Zana Ameen