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Frzand K. Ahmed Medhat

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Field study works have been carried out to investigate the diffusion rate of oily wastewater on clayey soils and measuring the degree of contamination with chemical components for both horizontal and vertical directions. Three pits have been prepared for this work with 30 cm in diameter and 50 cm in depth, which are lying on a straight line and 100 cm clear distance between them. Three, 30 cm diameter plastic pipes were fixed inside the pits having the length of 50 cm, 150 cm, and 200 cm, respectively, to study the effect of the height of the spilled oily wastewater on the rate of diffusion. The pipes filled with oily wastewater separately, the diffusion rate with time has been recorded. The results showed that the vertical diffusion rate of the oily wastewater was increased with the increase of the height, while the longitudinal diffusion rate recorded lower values. The same observation has been noted for the degree of soil contamination.


Clayey soil, Diffusion rate, Oily wastewater, Soil contamination, Soil pits

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