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Shna A. Karim

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Laser hyperthermia treatment of cancer tissue is widely used in cancer treatment to destroy cancer cells. This study focus on the mechanisms of heat transfer in biological tissues to minimize damage to the tissues resulting from extra heat applied. The important feature of this method is heating of specific region to raise its temperature to a threshold temperature and destroying cancer cells without to destroy surrounding tissue. In this study, we have used the combinations of laser light and gold nanoparticles to investigate the influence of nanoparticles on the spatial distribution of temperature in the tumor and healthy tissues. Accurate simulations and solving Penne’s bio-heat transfer equation were used to solve and model the thermal tumor breast cancer in the presence of gold. Nanoparticles of some particular sizes and concentrations were selected. We would like here to stress that our attempt was a theoretical and computer model with some real and hypothesized parameters and homogeneous target. The results of this study help the doctors in the study for results of hyperthermia treatment before using it on the vivo by known the properties of the laser used and the properties of the breast tumor trying to reduce the damage of the treatment


Breast tumor, Gold nanoparticles, Hyperthermia, Penne’s equation, Temperature

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