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Hanaa O. Saadi

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Children’s health is considered as an investment and wealth in society. (Engle et al., 2011) Interventions during first 5 years is golden period because of gains in physical and psychological development, is considered as one of the effective factors in the disease prevention and health promotion. (Campbell et al., 2014). According to the World Health Organization, all parents need information on healthy child development. In addition, mothers’ knowledge is one of the important aspects of child nurturing. This perspective study conducted on mother’s knowledge regarding child millstone development at Daratoo Medical Health care center in Erbil city of Kurdistan region of Iraq. Data were collected during September 12, 2019–March 12, 2020. A convenient random sampling was used to choose 100 Mothers who visited at Daratoo Medical Health care center for Medical seeking. Regarding inclusion and exclusion criteria; inclusion criteria were mothers who have children <15 years old visited health center and who did consent informed. This research studied that most of Kurdish mothers had poor knowledge regarding child millstone development including all domains (social, language, gross, and fine motor). This study concluded that mother’s level of education, types of family, and mother occupation has a vital role regarding mother’s knowledge toward child millstone development. That mean the older aged other with high level of education and high parity have a good knowledge about children development.


Child development, Social development, Parity, Level of educationdevelopment

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