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The concept of conditioning edentulous ridge mucosa has gained momentum over the last several years. Frequent relining of the complete denture may be required because of soft tissue changes arising from underlining bone resorption. Patients with the maxillary flabby ridge had difficulty in tolerating hard denture, inadequate retention, and stability of a complete denture are often encountered, so the denture can be made more comfortable using soft liner. Hardening of the soft liner with time, harboring of bacteria, and debonding from denture base is a major drawback of soft lining materials. Introduction of liquid-supported dentures, to be an alternative to conventional complete denture prosthesis in cases suffered from inflamed tissues and severely resorbed edentulous ridges. A liquid supported denture provides an alternate treatment option due to its soft and flexible intaglio surface allows better distribution of masticatory load stress since in such cases. Liquid supported acrylic complete denture can be useful as a permanent solution in edentulous patients with the atrophied ridge. Liquid supported denture could be a useful alternative for soft relining materials


Liquid supported denture, Flabby ridges, Glycerin, Flexible tissue surface, Soft linerABSTRACTRESEARCH ARTICLE

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