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Zaitoon A. Hamad

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According to this research probe the correlation between fingerprints and the gender for all 10 fingerprints. For this inquiry, 4939 samples were collected from 247 females and 247 male’s ages between 7 and 13 years old. This is the first systematic research of its kind to check at ten fingerprints for people from Koya, Kurdistan region north of Iraq. As per the findings, gender identity is accurate for people with any of their ten fingerprints. After magnifying the obviously acquired photos, the four basic fingerprint structures were identified and registered: Arch, Radial loop, Ulner loop, and Whorl. Statistical analysis was performed using Chi-square analysis to determine the interaction and pattern between fingerprints and sex. The study show that, Archs (316), Ulnar loop (1450), Radial loop (1346), Whorl (1827). Out of which Arch’s male = (8.21), female = (9.08), Ulner loop, male = 42.44, female = 38.04. Radial loop, male = 33.93, female = 39.73. Whorl, male = 51.55, female = 48.44 were noticed With respect to gender, these proportions of overall fingerprint patterns in both hands were significantly positive (χ2 = 15.28, P = 0.00159). P < 0.05 indicates that the data are vital. Gender has no effect on fingerprint pattern distributions. As a consequence, there is a relationships between fingerprints and gender.


Arches, Fingerprints, Gender, Loop, Radial, Ulner loop, Whorls

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