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Burhan A. Salih

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The current study is designed to investigate the in vivo action of ginger- thyme combined crude extract on hyperglycemia and obesity related measurements in sucrose induced chronic hyperglycemia experimental model in albino male rats. Twenty-five male albino rats were divided into five groups (N=5 for each); First group was regarded as control which consists of rats feed with normal diet and water ad libitum, while second group was the model which consists of rats fed with high sucrose fed (HSF) (50%sucrose). and other three groups were rats which treated with three different doses of ginger-thyme combination extract (125mg/kg, 250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg ). Animals were received one dose/day using oral stomach gavage for eight weeks. Blood samples were collected for quantitative determination of glucose levels, Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests (OGTTs), serum insulin, Glycohaemoglobin (HbA1c) and various other laboratory analyses such as lipid profiles, in addition to water intake and body weight throughout the study. Significant reduction of blood glucose levels were occurred in all plant combination extract doses compared to Sucrose diet rat model group, especially the medium dose 250mg/kg which found to be the best one. Serum insulin was reduced in the model rats compared to control and treatment groups, while it was increased in all extract treating groups compared to the model group.


Hyperglycemia, Ginger, thyme. Rats

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