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Introduction: Fenugreek seeds have got interest of researchers for their positive effects on laboratory animals and human being, including their effects on reproductive system. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of 5% raw fenugreek seed and its boiled aqueous extract containing diet on adult female mice, for 2 weeks before mating, to evaluate fertility, and some features of newborn pups. Materials and Methods: A total of 90 adult female mice randomly and equally were divided into three groups. Group I: Control, Group II: Female mice treated with 5% raw fenugreek seed containing diet, and Group III: Female mice treated with boiled aqueous extract of 5% fenugreek seed containing diet. The animals were treated daily for 2 weeks before mating. Some of them were mated with normal males, while the others were used for uterus study. The following parameters were evaluated: Fertility of adult female mice; body weight (BW); uterus weight; uterus sections; litter size; sex ratio; live and dead pups; and pup BW. Results: There was non-significant change in litter size and sex ratio; live and dead pups; adult female BW; and uterus weight. While wet and dry weight of pups, were significantly increased. Histological sections in uterus showed multilayering in endometrial glands of both the experimental groups. No differences were observed between fenugreek treated groups. Conclusion: Both forms of fenugreek seed (raw and aqueous extract) induced significant increase in pup weight; possibly are due to multilayering in endometrial glands of uterus. ]


Fenugreek, Body weight, Litter size, Sex ratio, Endometrial glands

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