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ismael Azeez mohammed

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Aggregate angularity has an important effect on the performance of HMA. More angular aggregates particles can increase the stone-on-stone interlocking and consequently reduce the permanent deformation. The performance of dense graded asphalt mixture is significantly influenced by the angularity, shape, and surface texture of aggregates. This study determines the effect of using Harsh aggregate (full crushed) and normal aggregate in asphalt mixture, and evaluates the volumetric properties of both mixtures. Marshall Test was carried out in order to assess the resistance of stability of mixtures. It was found that a mixture with harsh aggregate needs (0.2 %) more asphalt compared to normal aggregate. Harsh aggregate induced higher stability and stiffness (12%) and (35%) respectively, compared to normal aggregate. VFA and VMA of full crushed aggregate are more than (13%) compared to VMA% of the normal mix. Therefore, it can be concluded that full crushed aggregate with a more angular shape, provides better stability and stiffness, and increases rutting resistance.


Crushed Aggregate, Aggregate Angularity, Volumetric Properties, Harsh mixture HMA

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