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Nihayet Sheck

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Research Article


The dangers of the fear of death have become a large part and an important aura of life in the human experience and this anxiety is more understandable for the persons who affected by chronic disorders. Death anxiety and the influence of social and electronic media on it, during COVID – 19 exposure was studied in some other countries, but it don’t studied in our country well. A descriptive correlational study was conducted at primary health care centers / chronic disease units in Erbil city. Data were collected from12th December 2020 to 10th June 2021. A random sample consists of 400 participants who had at least one chronic disorder taken to participate in this study after taking written permission. A questionnaire was offered to the participants including demographic data and two independent questionnaires which measure death anxiety and social media among participants. Data analyzed by the SPSS program (version 25) and results show that participant’s levels of using social media and death anxiety were significant and there was a moderate positive relationship between these variables (r = 0.41). Although using social media might negatively affect the population’s mind and death anxiety by promoting fake and incorrect news giving a great deal to the fear of death about COVID-19, it could be a worthy source for spreading real and positive information, which could positively affect the general population.


Death anxiety, social media, COVID – 19, chronic disorders

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