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Shuokr Q. Aziz

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Water treatment plant (WTP) is essential for supplying water with the accepted quality to the consumer. There is a necessity to evaluate the performance of WTP for proper treatment of raw water. The present study aimed to evaluate the performance of Qandil WTP units, Erbil City, Iraq. For assessment the WTP units, water samples were collected from raw water, after clarification, after filtration, and storage tank. Removal efficiencies for the clarifiers, filtration unit, storage tank, and the whole WTP were calculated and presented. Obtained removal efficiencies for the sedimentation unit, filtration unit, after disinfection, and the entire Qandil WTP were 85.13 %, 90.50 %, 31.9, and 99.178 %, respectively. In addition, water quality index (WQI) for the WTP was studied. WQI assessment was made by testing 13 physicochemical water quality such as turbidity, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved salts etc... It has been found that turbidity, electrical conductivity, total alkalinity, and total hardness have more influence on drinking water quality. WQI for Qandil WTP was 41.59 and it regarded as excellent level.


water quality index, evaluation, drinking water, Greater-Zab RiverRemove Water

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