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Yaseen W. Aziz

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Seepage is the main problem of earth dams; most failures are occurred due to excessive amount of seepage. In zoned earth dams clay core is provided to minimize seepage quantity and its dimensions and shape has great influence on seepage quantity. In this study seepage through earth dam with vertical and slanting core case were analyzed for different side slopes and top width. For vertical core cases different side slopes ranges from 0H:1V to 2H:1V and different top width from (3-10) m were analyzed. Due to lower permeability coefficient of core material seepage discharge reduced as side slopes and top width increase. The seepage discharge for slanting core cases are more than vertical cases with similar area of core. The results obtained in this study are agreed with the results of the other investigators However, in slanting core cases the downstream part dry during steady state condition; this is helpful in improving downstream stability.

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