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Traffic flow characteristics are important factors in the planning and management of highway facilities. Such information is not available in systematic form of the city of Erbil, so this study aims to obtain required data on flow, speed and density accordingly to find the relationship between these three parameters. Travel time, travel speed and flow due to traffic interaction data are also needed to evaluate the existing levels of service which is necessary for transportation planning and economic analysis, to be done in this field. This study uses the directional distribution of several selected road sections in the city of Erbil to give a complete picture of traffic flow in terms of size, daily and hourly variabilities. It was for this purpose that 60m ring road in Erbil city was chosen. To evaluate the data, software such as (Microsoft Excel, SPSS) were used in-order to develop relationships among each pair of flow type variables (density, speed and flow). Measuring strength of the relationships betweenspeed-density, flow-density and speed-flow should be done. The relation between traffic flows data was found by the R² is applied for all models. The strength of relationships among speed-density, flow-density and speed-flow should be measured. The relation between traffic flows data was found by the R² is applied for all modes. The maximum flow rate in Section 9 is over 9000 pc/hr but range of flow is equal to 7605 pc/hr and range of space mean speed is it among 20 and 55 km/hr at peak hour and highest range of density is among 40 and 160 pc/km


speed, flow, density, traffic flow relationship

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