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Zaid Elia

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Research Article


Serological test have an important role in disease diagnosis, anti-reticulin antibodies (ARA) and anti-gliadin antibody (AGA) have been evaluated as diagnostic and monitoring tests for celiac disease. The goal of this study was to compare between the diagnostic efficiency of two tests (anti-gliadin and anti-reticulin antibody) in different stages of celiac disease (CD) using ELISA technique, forty blood samples were collected from newly diagnosed patients and 20 samples of patients under gluten free diet (GFD) and 20 samples of control group was also included. All control samples were recorded negative results 20/20 for all tests included in this study therefore the specificity for all tests (IgA- anti reticulin, IgA anti gliadin, IgG- anti reticulin and IgG-anti gliadin) were 100%. While samples collected from patients were given 39/40, 35/40, 19/20 and 17/20 positive results for IgA- anti reticulin, IgA anti gliadin, IgG- anti reticulin and IgG anti gliadin, respectively, this result reflected the sensitivity 98.33%, 91.66%, 97.5% and 92.5%. Present study concluded that anti reticulin IgA and IgG more sufficient in celiac disease diagnosis.


Celiac disease, reticulin, gliadin, sensitivity and specificity

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