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Dastan Faeq

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Research Article


One of the most prevalent problems of mental health is depression, which is a serious health problem among the student population. Moreover, depression has a significant impact on academic performance, academic satisfaction and academic achievement (Arslan et al., 2009). A study by Wechsler, Lee, Kuo and Lee (2000) reported that students with symptoms of depression achieve lower grades and are less active in the classroom relative to students who do not have these symptoms. The findings show that depression is a serious problem that requires psychological support for the majority of students. So far, however, few investigations have been conducted on the recent findings of depression among students. This paper reviews recent findings on the prevalence of depression among students, and factors associated with students’ depression. A related aim is to identify whether the prevalence of depression among students is higher than that of the general population. The paper will also look at common causes, serious consequences and the methodology of depression among students. Finally, findings will be discussed together with suggestions for effective prevention and further studies.


depression among students, prevalence of depression, academic performance

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