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Mahdi Raza

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Research Article


In this paper, we are used Bayesian on survival function estimator based on the mixed distribution of exponential distribution as primary distribution and Gama distribution as a function of probability of data, and the data was collected from Rizgari Hospital Erbil for stroke brain patients between 2015 and 2016. On the other hand, we compared with the traditional method that assumed exponential and Gamma distributions based on the Goodness of Fit tests depended, Since the value of the calculation ᵡ2 is equal to (10.767), It is less than the value of the tabular ᵡ2 which equals (11.345) for the variable x, that’s mean that we accept the null hypothesis (H0) which states that the data is distributed exponential distribution and this is confirmed by the P. value Which equals (0.014) Which is greater than the value of the moral level 1% We conclude that the data have an exponential distribution. While, for the variable t again distributed the Gamma distribution, because the statistical Cal. ᵡ2 is less than tab. ᵡ2 which are equal to (0.476, 11.335) respectively, that’s means accepted the null hypotheses. We are also confirmed that the P. value equal to (0.924) is greater than level 1%. By using EasyFit Program, as well as using MATLAB and SPSS statistical programs. We concluded that the mixed and proposed combination of survival function for brain stroke was expectancy, appropriate and efficient. H0: The variables x is distributed exponential distribution. H1: The variables x is not.


Exponential, Gamma and mixed Distribution, Survival function, Bayesian estimation, and Maximum likelihood Estimation.

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