Corresponding Author

Kareem Jamal Hamad

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Research Article


Background and objectives: Worldwide, breast cancer is a considerable health-threatening factor among women. Students are very important part of community and encourage them to regular practice breast self examination would be a good avenue to share useful information to population. The purpose of this study was to find out knowledge of breast cancer and practice of breast self examination among female students. Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out from January through May 2018, involving 100 female students which selected by simple random sampling. Results: This study revealed that 50% of samples were within the age group 20 - 25 years, mostly (93%) single, and majority (86%) indicated no family history of breast cancer. Near half (48%) of students had average knowledge of breast cancer, while large number 64% had poor breast self examination knowledge. A significant association were found between age and academic level with knowledge of students regarding breast cancer, while there was no significant association between breast self examination and selected variables. Conclusions: According to study findings lack of knowledge and poor practice of breast self examination were founded among female students. Therefore, it is advisable assessing barriers of practicing breast self exam and improving students' awareness about importance of performing breast self exam on a regular basis for early detection of breast cancer and reducing risks.

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