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"To understand the effect of adding agricultural sulphur and sheep manure on some growth stages، dimensions and the product of sun flower (Helianthus annuus)، an experiment was made in the Technical Institute in Khabat – Erbil Polytechnic University. The factorial experiment was applied in ""Randomized Complete Block Design"" in three replicates، by using four levels of agricultural sulphur %98، which are (0، 1، 2 and 3) tons.ha-1، and three levels of animal fertilizer (sheep manure) which are (0، 2، 4 and 6) tons.ha-1. The results showed that when adding agricultural sulfur in an amount of 3 ton.ha-1، it took the least time for the plant to reach flowering and maturing stages (51 & 107 days) respectively، whereas the biggest plant heights were recorded (171cm) as well as the biggest stem diameter (2.04cm) when adding sheep manure in an amount of 6 ton.ha-1، the same amount also resulted in the highest seed number in a

flower (970 seeds)، the highest weight of 1000 seeds (71g)، and highest total product (5.1 ton.ha-1)، while adding an amount of (3 ton.ha-1) of agricultural sulfur resulted in the highest level of oil (%48.33) as well as highest oil product (2،2 ton.ha-1). From interaction between treatments، the highest yield (5.3 t.ha-1) recorded at (2 ton.ha-1) of agricultural sulfur with (6 ton.ha-1) of sheep manure، also highest oil% and oil yield (48.66% and 2.3 ton.ha-1) respectively at (3 ton.ha-1) of agricultural sulfur with (6 ton.ha-1) of sheep manure."