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This paper describes the design of three different shapes of the planar ultra-wideband dipole antenna for a WiMAX application in wireless communication. In this study, the technique of using different patch shapes has been designed in order to choose the best antenna matching for WiMAX device. As a result, the proposed technique causes to increase the gain of the antenna. Using this method not only causes to improve the antenna gain but also it leads to enhance ratio bandwidth of antenna and some other antenna parameters like its return loss as it is mentioned in this research paper. Hence, the elliptical, circular and 14 sided polygons microstrip patch antenna is designed for WiMAX wireless application that operates at a minimum frequency of 2.4 GHz with its physical dimension (length of 61.68 mm, width of 37.01 mm and height of 0.787 mm). The achieved parameters of 14 sided polygons, circular and elliptical patch antenna are (gain of 3.29 dB, ratio bandwidth of about 9:1 and return loss of -23.87 dB), (gain of about 3.56 dB, ratio bandwidth of 9:1 and return loss of -20.63 dB) and (gain of 4.1 dB, ratio bandwidth of about 10:1 and return loss of -30.21 dB) respectively. The commercially available electromagnetic software (CST Microwave Studio) has been used to design structures and simulate the wireless device.

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