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Treska D. kamil

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Fifty-two Proteus isolates, (47) Proteus mirabilis, (4) Proteus vulgaris, and (1) Proteus hauseri are being isolated from (200) clinical specimens taken from patients admitted to different hospitals in Erbil city/Kurdistan region of Iraq. Specimens were of urine, wounds swabs, burn swabs, vaginal swabs, ear swabs, eye swabs, and sputum. All isolates were identified depending on cultural, morphological, biochemical characteristics, and confirmatory VITEK 2 system. Furthermore, VITEK 2 (antibiotic susceptibility testing) panel was used to determine the antibiotic susceptibility of Proteus isolates, and the results showed that all isolates were entirely resistant to tetracycline and tigecycline (100%), but sensitive to meropenem. Furthermore, the present study reported a case of rare Proteus species – P. hauseri – isolated from a patient with urinary tract infection in Erbil City which characterized by no swarming on blood agar.


Antibiotic resistance, Erbil city, Proteus hauseri, Proteus species, VITEK 2

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