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Hunar F. Hama Ali

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Research Article


This paper addresses the correlation between the liquid and/or plastic limits with the compaction characteristics, maximum dry density, and optimum moisture content (OMC), for fine-grained soils. In the previous studies, several attempts have been made to identify these two important parameters from other simple soil properties such as index soil properties. Some concluded that liquid limit shows a good correlation with compaction characteristics, while others observed that plastic limit does. In this work, many soil samples have been taken from various locations around Koya city and the required tests have been carried out. The results have been illustrated to identify whether soil index properties can correlate with the compaction characteristics. It is concluded that neither plastic limit nor liquid limit can provide an adequate correlation with maximum dry density and OMC. Contrary to the literature, liquid limit provides better correlations


Liquid limit, Maximum dry density, Optimum water content, Plastic limit

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