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Mehri M. Salih

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Peptic ulcer disease is the common gastrointestinal disorder, which affects the high number of people during their life. The present study was carried out among 267 patients with different upper gastrointestinal symptoms, at the Department of Endoscopy, Shahid Dr.Khalid Hospital/in Koya city during 1/2018-1/2019, all patients were assessed endoscopically and biopsies from both antral and body mucosa were taken for histopathological examination. The aim of this study was to determine the spectrum of histopathological biopsies of the gastric region with the distribution of peptic ulcer biopsies according to age and sex in Koya city, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. The study showed normal gastric mucosa histopathologically in 22 (8.24%) cases and 245 (91.76%) abnormal gastric mucosa histopathologically. Gastritis histopathologically was seen in 217 (81.27%) of cases, chronic gastritis represented the highest relative frequency in this histopathologically diagnosed patients, where it was seen in 65.89% of the cases and acute gastritis was detected in 34.10% of the cases. Helicobacter pylori was detected in 82.77% of patients. A significant association was detected between chronic gastritis and H. pylori infection.


Biopsy, Endoscopy, Gastritis, Helicobacter pylori, Histopathological examination, Peptic ulcer

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