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Warda Rizgar

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Two accurate spectrophotometric methods described for the estimation of carbamazepine (CBZ) in both pharmaceutical and pure form. These methodologies are attached to the bromination of CBZ by bromine formed in instantly from the bromate-bromide reaction. The general procedure includes the additional of a known amount of bromate-bromide reagent in an acidic mediocre to CBZ. After the reaction is integrated, the unreacted bromine was reacted with a steady amount of methylene blue, and the absorbance was measured at 665 nm (method A) or, cresol red could be used for the reaction and the absorbance moderated at 517 nm (method B). Beer’s law was submitted from 0.45 to 15.00 ?g/mL CBZ with a molar absorptivity of 4.93 × 103 L/mol.cm for method A and from 0.50 to 12.00 ?g/mL CBZ with a molar absorptivity of 1.37 × 104 L/mol.cm for method B. The proposed methods were effective for the determination of CBZ in tablets with great precision and accuracy.


Bromate-bromide, Carbamazepine, Cresol red, Methylene blue, Spectrophotometry

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