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Didar Swara Salih

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Research Article


Photon interaction parameters of some chemical compounds in hard tissue were investigated in the energy range (1keV-100 GeV) by using the (NistXCom) program. These interaction parameters: mass attenuation coefficients (μρ), effective atomic number (Zeff), and electron density (Nel) as a measure of the absorption of photon energy by compounds in ­­­hard tissue. The events that cause absorption are the photoelectric effect, Compton effect, and pair formation events. Effective atomic numbers and electron densities of some compounds in hard tissue were calculated using the obtained mass attenuation coefficients. From the obtained data, the values of photon interaction parameters have been investigated to change with energy and compounds of the hard tissue. The variations of these parameters with energy are shown graphically for all photon interactions. Also, we calculated the half-value thickness (HVT) and μρ for some compounds Al2O3, SiO2 and MgO are agree with the theoretical value.


Mass attenuation coefficients, Effective atomic number, Electron density, Half value thickness, Hard tissue.

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