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Heja Gh. M. Hasan

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Research Article


The service life of a road pavement reduces as it ages and loses quality due to exposure to various traffic loads and environmental conditions. This study investigates the possibility of reusing aged asphalt in pavement by mixing Waste Engine Oil (WEO) and Vacuum Residue (VR) to create a hybrid rejuvenator. Four types of binders, namely, virgin asphalt, aged asphalt, blended aged and virgin asphalt, and rejuvenated hybrid (WEO-VR) with aged and virgin asphalt, were evaluated using rheological and water immersion tests. The results show that WEO-VR greatly enhanced the properties of old asphalt in the presence of water based on rheological parameters. The behaviour of the rejuvenated asphalt mixture was close to that of the virgin asphalt mixture in the stripping resistance tests. Thus, 6.5 % of the total mix's WEO-VR may be used to regenerate old asphalt, paving the way for more environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured asphalt.


Aged asphalt, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), Rejuvenating agent, Vacuum Residue (VR), Waste Engine Oil (WEO)

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