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Karwan Yaseen Kareem

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A total of two hundred and eighty eight day old unsexed chicks from a Ross 308 cross were randomly assigned to eight treatment and four replicates and each replicator had twelve birds. The experimental groups includes, N-control= negative control (basal diet), P-control = basal diet + 0.01% Doxin200 (positive control) (w/w), 0.1% Pos+Phy = basal diet + 0.05% thyme oil (v/w) + 0.05% postbiotic, 0.2% Pos+Phy = basal diet + 0.1% thyme oil (v/w) + 0.1% postbiotic, 0.3% Pos+Phy = basal diet + basal diet + 0.15% thyme oil (v/w) + 0.15% postbiotic, and 0.4% Pos+Phy = basal diet + 0.2% thyme oil (v/w) + 0.2% postbiotic. The broiler European index was greatly improved, particularly at levels of 0.3% Pos+Phy and 0.4% Pos+Phy, which corresponded to (385.38) and (351.57), respectively. Growth performance ageneraly improved, significantly heigh of BWG and Low FCR showed in birds fed 0.3% and 0.4% Pos+Phy, and the BW of birds fed compaination significantly (p


Probiotics Byproduct; Thyme Oil; Combination of Pos+Phy; Broiler Performance; New Feed Additives