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Mohammed Awadh Jasim

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Soran K. Omer : 0000-0003-0010-9682

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Original Article


The current study is an academic attempt to illuminate the impacts of the building circulation design of Koya University Bank on its customer satisfaction, and it is an exploratory study of customers’ opinions about the circulation designs of Koya University Bank.

The building circulation design includes six elements, such as pavements, main entrance doors, public corridors, waiting areas, comfortable seats, and parking spaces as independent variables, and customer satisfaction as a dependent variable of the study.

A questionnaire involving 16 items was set and distributed through an online link as the research sample. The population of the study is 163 customers who have savings accounts in the bank and were randomly collected. Then, all the accounts were analyzed, and the appropriate statistical method was used to analyze the data to test research hypotheses via regression and one sample t-test of the SPSS program.

The main outcomes of the paper show that the building circulation design positively impacts customer satisfaction. Furthermore, all the building circulation elements of this study, apart from the parking space, are attracted by customers. Among them, however, the waiting area is the most attractive element, and the parking space is unattractive.

In addition, this research recommends that both the government and architects realize the necessity of importing building circulation elements that have a greater impact on customer satisfaction and not ignore them.


Building circulation, Circulation design, Circulation elements, Customer satisfaction, Koya University Bank

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