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Chnar Salahaddin Qadir

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Research Article


Heart failure is a chronic disease that has the significant influence on the health of persons worldwide. The objective of this study was to assess self-care of patients with heart failure in Erbil City. A cross-sectional study design was undertaken among 50 patients with heart failure form 20th February 2017 to 10th October 2017, to collect the data patients who met the inclusion criteria were selected and questionnaires were filled through interviewing. The questionnaire included demographic, medical data and self- care activity. Data analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistical tests. The majority of patients with heart failure had poor self-care maintenance, management, and confidence. There was significant association between self-care and age (P= 0.039), gender (P = 0.047), level of education (P = 0.033) and economic status (P= 0.027). Also there was significant association between New York Heart Association and self-care (P= 0.027). Moreover, there was significant association between self-care of heart failure with hypertension (P= 0.009), coronary heart disease (P= 0.034) and diabetes mellitus (P= 0.047). The study concluded that patient’s self-care of heart failure was poor. Nurses should apply a standard guideline to improve self-care activity of heart failure patients.

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