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Nawroz Ismael Hassan

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Research Article


CdO/ PSi heterojunction have been fabricated. CdO NPS has been prepared by laser ablation in ethanol at 500 pulses and 400 mJ as laser energy . The optical , structural and morphological properties of the CdO thin film have been studied. The Photoelectrochemical etching process has been used as a technique to control the porosity of silicon wafer by controlling the etching time for (20 min). The minimum value of filling factor was (0.30) for the junction prepared. The results of efficiency showed that these junctions had two depletion regions, the first one between CdO film and PSi layer, the second between the latter and the crystalline silicon. The minimum value of efficiency was (1.61).


Nanoparticles, laser ablation, XRD, AFM, CdO

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