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A variety of heat exchangers are available for the evaporator in absorption cooling system. In this work a comparison of spray film evaporator for different liquid sprays such as liquid NH3, Ag-NH3 and CuO-NH3 nanofluids on the stainless steel shell & tubes heat exchanger has been investigated theoretically. The effects of saturation temperatures and flow rate of ejected liquid spray have been studied. The results show that the nanofluids demonstrate enhancement of heat transfer rate comparing to the base working fluid, (NH3). Ag-NH3 nanofluids provides higher heat transfer performance than CuO-NH3 nanofluids for the same volume fraction and nanoparticles size. In addition, the results show that the increase of the flow rate will increase the heat transfer rate at different rates, depending on the working fluids. Furthermore, the results show that the shell side heat transfer performance improved as the saturation temperature decreased, for all tested working fluids. Finally, the enhancement of the heat transfer rate between the pipes and the shell side, yields a decrease of the overall temperature of the chilled water inside the pipes. This study provides base data for more investigation of the enhancement of evaporator heat exchange, inside the cooling systems.

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