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Alaa Noori Sarkees

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Research Article


Background and objectives: Recently, healthcare waste management has elicited as important issues among healthcare organizations. These wastes are generated due to healthcare activities that can produce potential of disease transmission and injuries to individual, community and environment. Management of healthcare waste means using techniques that inhibit the spread of diseases. That’s why the study aimed to assess the nurses' level of knowledge about health care waste management. Methods: A study was conducted at all five governmental hospitals and thirteen main primary health care centers in Duhok City. A non-probability "purposive" sample of 129 nurses were recruited from all nurses who work in such hospitals' day shift and main Primary Health Care Centers of Duhok City based on their agreement to be subjects in the present study. An assessment tool included two parts. The first one is concerned with assessment of Nurses' demographic characteristics and the second one was concerned with assessment of their knowledge toward healthcare waste management. Data were analyzed through the application of descriptive and inferential statistical data analysis. Finally, cut off point is used to determine the nurses' level of knowledge related to such management. Results: The findings indicated that more than two thirds of nurses show high level of knowledge (69%) (Mean 2.67, SD ±0.503) toward management of healthcare waste. Conclusions: The present study concluded that the highest number of nurses of present study showed high level of knowledge about how to manage the health care waste that produced due to providing of such health care.

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