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The purpose of this work was to study the use of different type of (acetic, citric acid) during starter phase of broiler Ross-308 on performance parameters. A total number of 150 one day old broilers (Ross-308 hybrid) Chicks were distributed to three dietary treatments each treatment has 5 replicate, each replicate has 10 chicks, the control group(C) without organic acid supplements, treatment 1(T1) received acetic acid treatment 2(T2) received citric acid. Supplements were used in the drinking water by 0.25% during first 10 days of chick's age. Results showed significant effects with addition of organic acid (p≥0.05) among all treatments for all studied characters were significantly (p≥0.05). Higher value for live body weight, weight gain and best feed conversion found in T2. Higher value for dressing carcass found in T1 and higher value for edible parts except the heart found in T2

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